Glass Fusions

Not recommended for young children. 

   If you are interested in making a glass piece, one of our associates will guide you through the process of selecting a glass product, creating a small workstation, and putting together glass to make a beautiful bowl, charm, frame, or piece of decoration. 

   We have a collection of glass in many shapes and colors for you to create the perfect work of art! 

   Once we collect your work, we will fuse the piece in our kiln. For bowls we include an additional firing to create the shape. Once a few days have passed your glass artwork is ready to take home and enjoy. 

I create...
Steps to making a
Glass Product:
1. Pick out your supplies
2. Place and glue down the parts into a design you like
3. We fire the glass to make everything fuse together. 
4. You can come in 4-6 days later to have an amazing, one-of-a-kind glass piece!