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Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts / Field Trips


Amongst our many services, we also provide educational tours for groups of children. We will meet your scout group at your house, school , or park. We offer painting, glass, ceramic, and clay workshops in which an instructor will teach numerous painting techniques and basic art composition. Give us a call if you are a teacher or troop leader who would like to provide a fun and educational experience for your kids! 

Glass Pendant Workshop

Each child will get to make their own glass pendant which can be attached to a necklace or key ring. First, we will explain to them how Glass Fusion is done, presenting examples and teaching them the difference between Tack and Full Fusion.  

We then have the kids draw out and design what they want their pendant to look like, making them prepared to get the right pieces. Finally, we allow the kids to make their own glass pendant knowing about all of the techniques and the types of pre-cut glass to use. If the kids are older then we will even teach them how to safely cut their own glass shapes! Kids who make necklaces are given the option of what color cord they would like as well. After7-10 days, we will have their glass pendants ready for pick up by the teacher or scout leader to distribute in their own time. 


Ceramic Bisque Workshop

Our most popular product is painted pottery so we have a large variety of ceramics to choose from. We first explain the entire process of baking ceramics as well as painting to the children. We then let students pick whatever piece they would like to paint and we will supply everything you need. If you would like to do all mugs or all plates for the kids then please contact us 1 week in advance to make sure we have adequate inventory.

After 7-10 days, the ceramics will be ready for pickup. 

Clay Pottery Workshop

Each child gets to make their own coil pottery pots which they get to paint and design to their liking. When we meet the kids, we will first show them a finished example, and discuss the stages of making painted pottery. We will then teach them about the different techniques to shaping clay; focusing most on coiling. 

Once we have an understanding of how the clay is formed into pottery, we distribute clay to each child and have them do a step by step coil pot. 

Once the kids have finished we allow the kids to paint the pots to their liking. After 7-10 days the pieces will be ready to be distributed to the children. 

Canvas Painting Workshop

Canvas painting is not only fun for kids but also great because you don’t have to pick up anything at a later point! Each student will get to come home with a 12”x12” canvas with the art design of your choice. We will teach them about transfer paper and how to use it to transfer designs onto canvas.

Once the design is transferred over, we will teach them about painting techniques, brush sizes and color mixing to create the shades they need. From start to finish we will go over the painting process step by step.

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