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iCreate Educational Classes

Join us for art classes and tech classes at iCreate! 

Learn everything you'd want about art and how to make a pièce de résistance, or, learn the ins and outs of robotics and coding!

This program runs in sessions of 5 weeks each. Each 5 

week session is a new level of intricacy for the topics.

Completed art projects will be given to the students. On  the last day, family and friends  are invited to a gallery art walk, where the students can  show off their work!
There are two groups per subject. One is 

elementary level which will run more slowly, (1st-5th grade), and the other is middle school level (6th-8th grade.)

Students will not only learn the art or STEM techniques but they will also be introduced to the tools and machines involved in a safe environment. They will experience kiln operation, glazing machines, clay sculpting tools, etc.

Siblings receive a 10% discount on the total price of their classes.

Registering for three or more classes will earn you a 10% discount off their total price.

Siblings who sign up for three or more classes will receive a 15% discount off their total. 

 We accept charter school funds through Ingenia Institute (, which is a vendor with many charter schools in the area.

Check our calendar to register.

CANVAS Acrylic Painting

Acrylic is the easiest paint to work with! Go through step by step tutorials to learn the procedures and gain the skills to create a masterpiece! 


Level 1: Paint easy pictures, and learn the very simplest of painting techniques, involving the brush and paints. 

Level 2: Grasp the principals of what makes a painting a good painting. Pay attention to details and learn brushing different techniques.

Level 3: Learn the shading, highlights, and color mixing of turning a real life object into a painting!

Level 1: Learn the techniques of the brush, mixing colors, the classifications of colors, and apply it to designs you choose. 

Level 2:  Learn shading and highlights that will turn a flat object into a three dimensional one. 

Level 3: Paint what you see! Utilize all you have learned to create a beautifully painted piece from your perception. 

All materials and tools are provided. 

This class is offered on: Mondays 10:00am-10:50am

Each 5-week level is $100 to register.

Watercoloring techniques

A fluent, beautiful art form is waiting for you to master it. Learn everything you need to know about watercoloring. From using salt, to wet on wet technique, you'll know how to apply it like the back of your hand. 


Level 1: Learn how to use crayon and salt to line and spice your watercolour painting up! Paint from simple designs.

Level 2: You will be taught the wet on wet technique, wet on dry technique, and the blending of colors.

Level 3: Use what you have learned to create a pleasing and more sophisticated picture.

Level 1: Dip into the wet on wet and wet on dry techniques, while also covering blending of colors. 

Level 2: Learn how to add dimension to your piece, and flares of color. 

Level 3: Create a masterpiece with what you know, by what you see or a reference you chose. 

All materials and tools are provided. 

This class is offered on: Mondays 11:00am-11:50am

Each 5-week level is $100 to register.

Clay Handbuilding and Scuplting

Do you enjoy getting dirty, but don't want to roll in the mud? With clay handbuilding and sculpting, you can create coil or more intricate pots, or a statue/figurine! This class will take you through the adventure of using your hands to model a shapeless blob into what you want it to be! 


Level 1: Roll some clay, and coil it to create a pot, a figure, or a mug!

Level 2: Knead with your hands and arms to create very unique clay projects and learn how to add decorative pieces and markings. 

Level 3: Create more sophisticated pots or contemporary statues. 

Level 1:  Cover the basics of sculpting to mold a blob into an individual piece.

Level 2: Make and add markings to your clay creation in order to spike the interest of passerby. 

Level 3: Learn how to sculpt and create figures, like dogs or humans. 

All materials and tools are provided. 

This class is offered on: Mondays 1:00pm-2:30pm. [This class runs 90 minutes long ]

Each level is $125 to register.

Drawing Techniques

By the sketch of a pencil, you can create many drawings and beautiful pieces. Join us on a journey that will teach you everything you need to know about sketching and drawing. 

This class will allow mixed grade students to join and each work on their own pace. 

Level 1:  Learn how to sketch shapes and spaces to create what you see. 

Level 2: Learn dimensions and perspective to draw realistic figures. 

Level 3: We will teach you shading and highlights in order to draw a realistic figure of any kind, along with background and foreground. 


All materials are provided. 

This class is offered on: Mondays 9:00 am-9:50 am. 


Each level is $100 to register.