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After School Programs

Have a passion for art, but don't know where to start? The best way to learn art is the start from the basics. That's why iCreate is now offering art classes to kindle your creative spirit. We offer classes in fashion design and illustration, animal drawing, human anatomy, portrait drawing, as well as general painting classes. Kids will learn the basic structure of the subject matter, whether it be basic anatomy or design principles, then learn how to apply those concepts into creating new works of art. 

Here at iCreate, we strive to develop a strong understanding of art in order to unlock new skills that can be universally applied to any new creation kids wish to make.  

Below is a list of the classes we are going to offer in the upcoming school year. The classes can serve as an after school activity or as simply something you would casually like to explore. All materials will be provided. The schedule is listed below. Please call (858) 668-5474 to register. Due to the cumulative nature of the after school program, students must sign up one full session (five weeks of one class subject) instead of simply signing up for one class in a session. 

The price per class session is $80. If a student wishes to sign up for two or more subjects (ex: the fashion design program and the animal drawing program), then the price will stack accordingly. See PRICING for more info. 

If you are interested in these classes or any future classes, it would be helpful to us if you could fill out the interest form here

iCreate strives to tailor our services to you, the customer. By providing feedback, it will help us know what is in demand, and how to do better!

Fashion Design and Illustration

Animal Drawing

Immerse yourself into fashion with iCreate's weekly course. In this course, kids will learn the fundamental skills of design that will enable them to turn a fashion idea into a finished garment. Students will first learn the basic anatomy and structure of a simple and stylized fashion figure and then learn about how to use color, shape, silhouette, and patterns to create visually striking clothing designs. By the end of the course, students will be able to develop and inspiration into an appealing visual concept which they will then draw out into a color illustration using watercolor, ink, and marker. 

Upon completion of this inspiration-packed course, students will acquire the basics to really show the world their fashion creativity. Some of the creative projects of this course include:

- Creating a cohesive mood board of themes, color schemes, fabrics, and patterns that will serve as an inspiration for their designs.

- Learning how to create visually impactful images through the examination and study of existing fashion designs.

- Developing their ideas into sketch form, and eventually finalizing their sketch with ink.

- Learning basic watercolor and marker techniques such as color blending and color theory to drive their visual impact home.

- Learning the principles of how fabric flows, reacts to gravity, and wraps around the human form.

Learn the essentials of drawing animals in order to take your animal drawings to the next level. In this course, we will learn about anatomical features common to most animals, which then can be applied to drawing any animal that you wish. This course will cover the different parts of the animal's body, its skeleton, its muscles, and how those structures affect the overall appearance of the animal. The final goal of this course is to develop a familiarity with animal anatomy as well make a push towards making your animal drawings look more realistic. 

Students will learn:

- How to draw many different species of animals, such as big cats (lions, tigers, etc.), small cats (household cats), birds, horses, and much more!

- Solid drawing principles such as line of action, analysis of form, construction, expressive drawing, and simplified anatomy. 

- Gesture drawings, which are very quick, loose drawings meant to convey the feeling of life and movement. These drawings strive to capture the essence of the pose to help show us what the animal is doing.

- How to construct an animal using basic geometric forms. Clarity and simplicity will be emphasized in order to create the illusion of a 3-D form on a 2-D paper. 

- Anatomy, with an emphasis on bones and muscles that are important to the aesthetic of the animal. Muscles will be taught as simple shapes that can be constructed into basic geometric forms. 

- The basics of working with watercolor and ink

Portrait Drawing

Tackle the daunting task of portrait drawing. In this course, we will strive to simplify the human face into basic planes and shapes in order to develop a better sense of structure. Focus will be given on general proportions and specific measurements in order to achieve a good likeness of the subject. 

Since this class can also serve as a foundation class, students will also be able to develop a solid working knowledge of concepts including line, light and shadow, shape, perspective, and proportion. 

Students will acquire skills on :

-Tackling the human face in a variety of angles including profile, full-frontal, and 3/4 views

- The construction, placement, and proportion of facial features

- How to draw specific features such as the ears, the eyes, the nose, etc.

- Using construction lines to better proportion and align the face

- Learning how to simplify the human face by shapes 

- Using light and shadow to simplify the portrait drawing

- How to use a variety of media including pencil, watercolor, colored pencil, ink, and much more! 

Drawing the Human Figure

Drawing people is something that many artists find themselves doing very often. Whether it be creating comics, making illustrations, or even just sketching doodles, it is undeniable that the ability to draw people well is a very versatile skill that can be applied to many things. 

Because this skill can be so commonly applied, it goes without saying that learning how to draw humans more accurately as well as developing a better understanding of how the human anatomy ties together is essential in developing your art skills and growing as an artist. 


In this course, our hope is that by exploring how the human form is put together as well as examining different ways to draw and break it down, you will be more comfortable and confident depicting the human form in your drawings.  

In this course, you will learn:

- The basic proportions of the the human body in relation to other body parts

- How to construct the human body in basic geometric forms

- Gesture drawings, which are quick drawings meant to convey the movement and the feeling of the body

- How to build construction lines to refine your proportions

- Different methods of breaking down and simplifying the human body

- Anatomy, with an emphasis on surface muscles, which are taught as basic, simplified shapes. There will also be an examination of the skeletal structure, and how it pieces together to give the human body its form

- How to use light and shadow to give the appearance of 3D form on a 2D surface

- How to work with a variety of media such as watercolor, ink, and pencil


The aim of this foundation painting class is to introduce and demystify painting. Students will explore the materials, equipment, and processes of acrylic paint. Students will learn about material selection, and the various approaches to painting and paint application. Demonstrations will be provided in the class so that the students will be able to observe various brush techniques and color mixing methods. 

The end goal of this course is to give students confidence as well as provide them with the basic skills needed to create their own paintings and find their own painting language. 


Through various exercises, students will learn about:

- Creating form and modeling

- How to mix color and create texture with the wet-on-wet technique of painting

- Color theory and the subtleties of color mixing as well as how to avoid creating a muddy canvas

- The many uses for various brushes

- How to do a basic lay-in 

- The process of working from background to foreground in order to create a more efficient way of painting

- Various shortcuts to creating visual effects



Free Choice


Free Choice


Free Choice

Portrait Drawing

Clay Hand-Building


Free Choice**

Fashion Design

Human Figure Drawing

Free Choice

Glass Fusion

Free Choice

Animal Drawing

Free Choice

Foundations of Painting

Foundations of Painting

Free Choice


Free Choice

Ceramics/ Canvas Painting

Ceramics/ Canvas Painting

Free Choice

*accommodations can be made for program starting earlier than 2:30

** Free Choice could be homework help or deeper learning in an art topic of interest


price per month (includes months with 4 or 5 weeks)


Full Program (2:30-6 PM) 5 days/week


Full Program (2:30-6 PM)

1 day/week


One Class (50 mins.)

1 day/week

We offer a 10% sibling discount as well as a $50 credit for referrals during the same registration period

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